New York State license renewal?

After repeated request’s for over 2 month’s by phonecalls (which takes forever for someone to pick-up) and e-mails with no response for a renewal application, I still have not received any renewal information from State Dept. When I finally get through the take all my information and they say I should have received the renewal packet already. So they say we’ll take care of it and I should receive it shortly. Well I’m still waiting and getting a little nervous. I’ve completed the required continuing education course with Bill Merrell and certificates for the hours completed ,I believe were mailed to the State. My insurance requirements are in good standings. And I have a Check ready to be sent.The State has not responded to my e-mails so I don’t have any proof of these repeated request’s. All i have is name’s and dates of when i spoke to State officials. How should i proceed with this issue?

I would send them the check! they probubly will not renew it without the cash.

What is the renewal fee, and how does one renew their license?
The renewal application is posted to the Home Inspector approximately 3 months prior to the expiration of his or her license. The application must be completed and submitted with a $100 fee to the Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. Instructions for proper submission will be included with the renewal application. The term of licensure is 2 years.

**Are there any continuing education requirements?
**Yes. As required in statute, home inspectors will need to complete continuing education within their two-year license renewal period prior to the expiration date in order to renew their license. In order to fairly implement this requirement, the Home Inspector Advisory Board in conjunction with the Department of State has determined that the amount of hours of continuing education to be completed is dependent upon the renewal date of the license. The required continuing education hours are as follows:

  • Applicants whose license expiration renewal dates fall on or before December 30, 2008 will need to complete six hours of Department of State approved continuing education prior to renewal.
    *]Those that fall on and after December 31, 2008 will need to complete 24 hours of approved continuing education prior to renewal.
    I hope this helped

A certified letter with return receipt requested would also be a good idea.

I have already camped at at a state office just to get my renewal on a termite license. After they get tried of you, they will get off their butts and get you your license.

Can I go to Albany in person to renew?

Hi! Lou;
Did you go on the NYS DOS web site???
I believe if you do you can download the app and all info to renew.:roll:
Regards Len

Len, How are you? There is nothing on the NYS DOS web site for renewal but this how it went down today. I called the DOS at (518) 474-4429 and finally got through (about 30 min.wait) Spoke to a very nice woman and she said DOS had mailed the renewal application in April '08 which I never received. Anyway ,she faxed the Home Inspector Renewal (long form) to me which already had my personal info, fee and a few questions that must be answered about crime convictions ,child support, if i had completed the continuing education requirements and if i currently maintain the minimum amount of general liabilty insurance. It also states that it must be mailed only. I was not gonna take any chances so i took the completed application to the DOS in N.Y.C at 123 William St. and hand delivered it to the cashier with my credit card info. It was obvious that they were unsure about what had to be done with this process but I overheard the clerk say to another clerk that they are making exceptions with this type of license. As I was standing there they faxed it to DOS in Albany and gave me a receipt which was a copy of the renewal application with a “Licensing Services” stamp and the date. Let me give a heads up: if you don’t receive your renewal by 3 months before expiration, start making phonecalls. I will let you know what happens.

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As per NYS, the have a computer generated application letter renewal. They send it regular mail, as they do for appraisers and brokers, and a host over 20+ vocations.

What to do when you do not get an application.

You can request a LONG FORM. That simply means it is a blank form in which you fill in all your data due to the fact that you did not receive your renewal. I can request it for you. Call me at 631-563-7720 and I can call the state via a 3 way call to get you the form you need.

What is your expiration date? What is your license #?
These are the questions they will ask you when we are on the phone with them. Have your information ready. Again, call me tomorrow.

FYI- taking ce or not does not have anything to do with getting your renewal. The question is in the post office mail, as to where was it mailed, did you move, was it destroyed or lsot in the mail?

I hope this helps- Don’t forget to call me and we can get you a renewal form to renew your license.

Have a great day and talk with you tomorrow- the state is open between 9 and 12 noon and 1:30 and 4pm to get the forms- call between these hours!

Until tomorrow

I see you get the long form— great!

Keep your receipt and you are fine- Keep checking the state file, and you should be updated within the enxt 2-3 weeks…hopefully!

All the best!

Bill, Thanks for your concern. Did you send DOS the continuing education certificates or will I need to? Regards, Louis