New York State licensing?

If someone changes general liability carrier, should the state licensing board be notified?

Yes- The requirement is as follows:

The old carrier will notify NYS that your insurance has terminated. They will suspend your license unless you have sent them the requisite insurance information to show your general liability insurance in place.

Call 518-474-4429, ask to speak with a customer service rep- easiest way is wait for voice mail to start- then press 1, wait 5 seconds then press 5, and you will be in line to speak with a real person- that individual will walk you through as to who and where to send your new insurance information, which must contain NYS, Dept. of State in the binder as well.

Much luck and success. Hope this helps. The state is reasonable as long as you send them the required information in a timely manner. Call between the hours of 9:30am and 4:00pm-

All the Best!

Bill, Thank You . Regards, Lou