New York State Update

We have been informed via the media that multiple members of the Home Inspection Board have been appointed in New York State. It is expected that once the board meets they will go forward with guidelines for Continuing Education for Licensed Home Inspectors in NY State.

Presently we have several courses to be offered in conjunction with 2 NACHI chapters, and Len Ungar (LI Chapter) and Patsy Maietta(NY Chapter) have agreed to sponsor approved continuing education for Home Inspectors once the state approves each course outline. We already have instructors approved by NY State for this purpose.

The Long Island Chapter meeting went great and thanks to many people including Doug from Prolab, Roy from All Island Media Group as well as multiple vendors who took time out of their schedule and drove hundreds of miles to attend this meeting. Our meeting was on Long Island and the longest distance was almost a toss up- Buffalo and Maryland- both 7-9 hours by car depending upon traffic.

Len Ungar did a great job as usual handling the meeting and disseminating all the information to 50+ attendees. Len had already worked with a Prolab/ Chapter sponsored event from 8am to 4pm and then ran the meeting at 6pm that evening.

Hats off to Len for a job well done!

for information on future meetings and educational events, contact Len at

Nice job Len !!!

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Thanks Mickey:

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