New York Under Attack..!


President Barack Obama’s new health care plan really socks it to New York taxpayers and its bad news for residents of New Jersey and Connecticut, too.

The numbers are eye-popping. President Obama’s plan to tax investment income to pay for his health care package would force New Yorkers to fork over an additional $4.8 billion in taxes on money they get from interest, dividends and other investments.

But here’s the rub: a study by the Manhattan Institute finds that New Yorkers will pay 12 to 15 percent of all the funds raised by the new investment tax. New Jersey residents will pay 7 to 9 percent. That’s nearly 25 percent of the entire tax.

The hit to area taxpayers is so staggering that experts wonder how our congressmen and senators can support it.

Who needs to worry about terrorist attacking New York, Obama is doing a much better job…!
The people in New York area already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation.


That’s what happens when the citizens of New York State continue to send Democrats back to Albany to form one of the most corrupt and probably most expensive state governments in the Union. What good Democrat would stand up to the Obama? And the Governor is intent on increasing state taxes again!

It is so bad in N.Y. state that when we cross the border it is like traveling to a ‘third world’ country. Who needs to go to Mexico when New York State is next door?:D:shock:

“Vote for Obama care, we’ll vote you outta there”…

BTW, did any of you with working spouses notice that the federal withholding taxes went up to help pay for that stimulus package

It never matters what program the governement implements; the money for it comes from somewhere; US, the citizens.

You think I might have run up to Canada? “you betcha!”