New Zealand

We’re an international organization. Sometimes in our homework they throw in measurements in case you’re in the UK and what not. I’m headed to NZ around Christmas and if we have any people out there, I’d like to work for you for a while and learn what ever I can. I’m going to be heading off to Australia and Singapore as well. I’m viewing it as a fellowship opportunity, I’m almost done with my courses however I want to keep learning.

Kick A-s and keep in touch. Good Luck.

Sky, we have quite a few inspectors using our software in New Zealand (which I visited over Thanksgiving) and Australia. Email me at if you want me to put you in contact with a few of them.

Thank you! If something fruitful comes from this little endeavor of mine, I’ll share what I learn. Might as well take advantage of exploring what we can do internationally before I get married and what-not.