I just finished my course, and loved it. I also did a mold and air quality course too. Anybody have any helpful hints to tell me before i get started.


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What are your experiences to date?

Yes, edit your profile to include your location information in your post header.

You will get better information for your area.

He sounds Canadian.

Nope… he spelled “mold” correctly :mrgreen:

The surefire way to tell if he’s Canadian is if he says he “wrote” an exam instead of “took” one.

I can tell he is from the Ontario area.

That’s eh!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

And to those of you who think “eh” is a distinct Canadian idiom, I direct your attention to it’s origins…New York. And then we have the hoseheads from SCTV, Bob and Doug McKenzie further perpetuating the myth.

Eh,guess that makes me a Canucklehead living in the states.

No reason to growel you Francophone.

Welcome to the boards Scott!

I live in Ontario, and just starting my mock inspections.