Just moved to Florida from Western NY this year Just getting home inspections up and running here. Successfully owned and operated a building and remodeling Bussiness for the last 4 years. Successfully completed the NEW YORK STATE home imspector License course requirments And passed the State exam. Looking forward to Florida getting on board and requiring Licenses.

Welcome. Where in Florida are you? If you are not qualified to do Wind Mitigation Inspections I can do them for you at a great price. The inspections can save homeowners up to 45% on their insurance rates. Email me if you are interested.

Does he get a cut of your profit for refering you?

He can charge his customers whatever he wants, I would be working for him. Kind of like a sub-contractor. Prices go up to about $150 I do them from $70 to $100 depending on location. Only Architects, Engineers or General Contractors can fill out the forms in Florida. I work with quite a lot of home inspectors that are not qualified to do them and still want to offer them to their customers.

Where are you in Florida??