Newbie question


I just joined NACHI, bit I am still in educational mode. Not ready for my mock inspections just yet.

I am wondering what might generally be considered a minimum equipment list for starting out.

Tim Larsen

Flashlight and ladder.

Welcome to INachi. Please update your profile, so we may know where you are located. I would think that different areas would need at least some tools that are area/climate specific. Also , what foundation types are prevelant in your area, slab on grade, crawls, basements? Typical age of homes in your area? etc…

Must haves…

Report Software & Computin’ device
Electrical tester(s)
Moisture meter
Electricians screwdrivers
PPE !!!
Water pressure gauge

To name just a few items.


Duct tape
I like Duct tape.

You will learn what you are missing as you go but a camera ,ladder,electrical tester with button to check GFCI in series,flashlight and gas testers will get you through most.

Nothing is more important than between the ears.

Ok, I’ll update. I’m in the process of moving from Ga to Vt. Vermont will be where I will be inspecting.


Then you will need a coat.

And some **really warm **gloves.

A 4 x 4 is often needed and I don’t be lumber. :wink:

A healthy savings account.

[FONT=Arial][size=3]1st… Get rid of the “accent”! :wink:

I grew up in Texas and I moved to New Hampshire in 1985!

After 24-years… People still tell me that I "I have a Southern Accent! ":roll:

If you move close to the New Hampshire / Vermont border you should drop in on one of our State Chapter meetings! :p:nachi::nachi:


Actually, I started out up North. I’ve been a “damn yankee” for the last 28 years.

Hats and coats, I got! Tools and gadgets, I need to work on…
BTW, my wife is a native Atlanta girl. Her accent never seems to bore the Northerners.

I will definitely hit some chapter meetings when I can.
It would be great if I could ride along with someone.


I look forward to meeting you!:stuck_out_tongue:

Give us a “holler” when you get here!

One TOOL you will find you need can not be taken with you or put in your bucket, but get a website as soon as you can afford one. Most of the other basic stuff has been mentioned already, pretty good advice from the other guys. Hang out here and check out some other websites and you will gain alot of information that will come in handy. Knowledge is king, it is the best tool you will ever have.

Thanks, Ian, and all.

Duly noted on the website.
Damn, there’s a lot of info here…

Back to the books.


Hey Tim, glad to have you aboard! Yes, there’s tons of info here, and the majority of it is great! Take the time for the online courses, they are excellent.