Newbie Saying HI to all....

Hi to everyone,
I’m excited to join I joined on the 7th of June & longing in to fulfill my 10 day requirement (I know, nothing like waiting for the last minute). But………

My wife & I were expecting our 3rd child to be born on June 25th & my wife went in to labor this past Sunday night. She was considered a high risk pregnancy due to age & problems with last pregnancy. Well, she delivered our beautiful baby girl Tuesday morning by an emergency C-section. It’s a long story but, the female doctor on call screwed up & when the new doctor came in Tuesday morning, he rushed her into the O.R.

My little girl almost didn’t make it & she is now in the NICU. So I’ve been spending all my time in the hospital. Just stopped home for a quick shower & log onto the message board.

So again, HELLO to everyone & look forward to chatting with you in the near future…

Anthony J. Campos

Welcome wish you the lady and the Baby all the best , Hope you can back soon … Roy

Welcome and congrats on your new born. Hope all comes out alright for you and yours and the little one. :slight_smile:

Welcome! And congrats! Hope everyone comes home soon and healthy!

This is a tough business to rely on with little ones Tony.
Welcome none the less.

Welcome Tony,
Congrats on the birth of your baby. Hope all works out and that mom and baby come home soon.

Welcome Tony…
Best wishes for mom and the little one to come home safe and soon.

PS… First lesson of the MB… we love pic’s, so make sure you post some when things settle down!


Hello Neighor If you ever need some help call me

Welcome Tony… lots of good information here. I hope your stay is longer than 10 days…!


Welcome Anthony, this is a great learning message board, and a great bunch of industry experts.
Hope you and your family are alright,

My very best wishes! Welcome aboard.

Thanks Everyone! :cool:

It’s been exhausting but my little girl is now home. Here are some pics of her in the hospital & at home.


She’s a cute one.

Awesome Tony. She looks healthy. Glad she pulled through okay. Congrats!

Welcome to InterNACHI Anthony, and congratulations on the new addition.