Newbie... what do I charge?

I’m a newbie inspector here, have done a couple of drive bys so far.
When companies ask me what I charge for certain inspections, I would like to know what to charge. I don’t want to rip myself off, but I don’t want to state a price so high that they would never talk to me again.

I perform the following inspections:
Insurance Inspections
Merchant Site Inspections
Foreclosure Inspections
Rush Inspections
Drive- by Inspections
Occupancy Verifications
Bankruptcy Inspections
Sale Date Inspections
Retail Outlet Verifications
Merchant CC Site Verifications
Floor Plan Inventory Inspections
Title One Inspections
Automobile & Vessel Inspections

What is a good starting price to offer for my services?
Also, what do the following inspection type abbreviations mean?

What are you worth?

David you are killing me could not have stated that any better???

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Call Russel Ray, he’s in town.

Check out this website… good place to start.

A buck three eighty plus tax, licensing & registration where applicable, I thought everyone knew that.

You’ve got more inspections than I do. :frowning:

Basic rates would range from one geographic area to the next. Rates also depend on square footage, type of construction, how many floors, crawlspace v. slab on grade v. unfinished basement/atticv. finished basement /attic. Soooo many factors.

Range from .25 sqft - .0975/ sqft
Gas isn’t cheap anymore…fuel charge over 50mi distance

Discocunt for Law Enforcement/Firefifghter/military??


Do you also do home inspections?

It would also help to know what you entail in these inspection services you offer. Some of them I have never heard of.

Carefull Russ the new guy is taking over :roll:


At least a thousand dollars…When you get time learn how to do home inspections…then you can make the Big Bucks

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I can not tell you what these mean PI, I&I, REAC, ROV. Hell, I don’t even know what half of your services mean. But, I’m out of touch in Illinois.

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Yup; you’re good. Move on in!:cool:

Is that all there is to it? Now, I’m interested. I have been thinking about diversifying.

Heeeelloooo…is anyone home?

How’d I do?

Should, I use a checklist, narrative type, summary? Man, think of the money!

What have you been charging for all of these inspections you have performed?

PI - Pushy Inspection: When the real estate salesmen follows you around suggesting wording for your observations such as a hole in the roof being “Sky light needs glass replaced”, etc. For this inspection, you quadruple your normal rate.

I&I - This is how you sell yourself…a one man inspection company…as a multiple inspection firm. “How many work for you?” “I and…uh…I.” Charge them double.

REAC - This is not a type of inspection. It is an acronym for a nasty real estate agent and the last word rhymes with “punt”. You figure it out.

ROV - If you drive one of these…a real old vehicle…you are allowed to discount for the oil stain you leave in the driveway.

Hope this helps.:wink:

James you are good but do these inspections pay well?