Hai friends,
I am Jeffrey Wallace a native of Ontario. I am a businessman. I am a new member to this forum.So i thought i would just introduce myself. I am planning to renovate my house so i think this is the best forum in which i should register.

Are you looking for free advise on what or how to do something?

This is not a DIYers help line. Try someplace else.


I would offer to assist you with any questions you may have. And I would advise to use google and keyword your renovation questions. I am not family with Canada Codes and make sure you check them out. I would also work with a Inachi inspector from your area as they can also assist you (for a possible fee to make sure you do the work properly when completed)

You may want to move this post to the Canada Inspector section and ask section.

Good luck with your renovation!!

Fixed… Educated, Professional Inspectors don’t work for FREE!