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Slow and steady pace is better than fast out of the gate.

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welcome. Please take a minute and fill in your profile, if you ask for assistance, knowing where you are will help the veteran members here in assisting you.

Welcome Mike.

Always get a signed contract before you do the inspection. The InterNACHI form, which is available on line, is very good.

Good luck!

Maine, how about yourself?

Touche’. :mrgreen:

Welcome Mike. Email me with your shipping address and I’ll send you a hard copy of my new book:

I just sent it, thank you.

Best thing you can start with is what Nick gave you. He is generous beyond belief. Being a member is also an amazing benefit. Oh the things I would have done differently if I knew everything in that book first :slight_smile: Good luck. My best advice is have thick skin here and do not let the pricks “myself included” get to you and you will gain more knowledge here than anywhere else I can imagine except working with a seasoned inspector. What is your previous experience and what have you done before taking to this new profession. Last but not least GOOD LUCK :slight_smile: Feel free to contact me anytime if I can be of any help.

I have worked in a few differnt fields that i feel might help me with home inspections. I was a service manager for a oil and propane company, an electical lineworker, and worked with a building contractor for a short time. Thanks for your tips.

Mike, read this