Newbies at it again!

Just found an online ad for another newbie HI in my area that brought a smile to my face- no, it is actually laughable. Long serving Inspectors with good reputations will not fear the low priced “newbie” but other newbies should- they may have to join the race to the bottom!

Note: My rate for a local simple bungalow (no garage) with standard heat (no wood; no HP/AC) and no IR scan starts at $400 + HST

Thermo Graphic Scan: Having your home scanned with a Thermo Graphic Camera can indicate areas of loose, missing or inadequate insulation. It can show water leaks that are not yet visible to the eye. It can show overheating breakers or fuses, and even leaking fridge seals
[INDENT]***$100.00 Tax incl.***

Seller’s Inspection: If you are selling your home you don’t want last minute surprises. A sellers inspection can highlight problem areas that may hinder the sale or cause the buyer to renegotiate on price. A sellers inspection includes a Thermo Graphic Scan.
$250.00 Tax Incl.

Buyers Inspection: Buy with confidence that the dream of your new home will not turn into a nightmare. Get the information you need to negotiate an equitable price. A Buyers Inspection includes a Thermo Graphic Scan, an essential tool in any Home Inspection.
$250.00 Tax Incl.


Happy New Year Brian!


I went looking for this Brian guy- he’s banned. What happened?

I guess you forgot to look in the Mirror this morning .

Thanks for the laugh Roy and Doug …good call!!! LOL LOL

I always wondered who he was.

Nice guy has a lot of good knowledge .Belongs to no association .

But lacks the ability to control his emotions about NACHI.

Has continued for many years to attack NACHI/NICK and those who support NACHI.

So now he breaks another NACHI rule not using his own name to post.

I think he spent time and money to do the NHICC ???
to me just another waist of time and money like .

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

Well at least where he lives is correct! Location CYBERSPACE. LOL

** **At least they are becoming more modern in his area.
They now have Sunday shopping and they even allowed the stores to open the day after Christmas at NOON this year.
I think that is the province that is shrinking many are leaving for Ontario and Alberta.
I expect the Canadian Government will come too their rescue again with a lot more Money from Ontario .

Hey Roy
Other provinces used to come to Ontario for money…not any more we are now a have not province thanks to fibber McGinty:twisted:

I looked and see things a lot different then you do.

Ontario is still above the average for Canada .

No other place for me .

Stop wondering. He is at least a little lighter at his disdain at INAHI.
Happy new years Brian.

In have been at this for over 10 years…
A Basic Inspection starts at $600…

Markets may vary…

Maybe you should have a coffee with him and help him learn his worth, the you can both make good money, and add value to helping your peers. Complaining will not make this go away, taking a proactive approach and mentoring, training by discussion and chatting, being the goto guy to help others is the right approach. Cutting him at the knees only disables him, you and our industry.
something to think about as you work on your New years resolutions

I second that statement.
All the assessment & complaining. Brian I wish you would make a stronger industry.
Dam I am as guilty at times trying to voice an opinion everyone knows to well.
I do try to help any one that asks.

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Brian, you change names again?