Hey fellow inspectors. Just became a member and about to take the ethics course. Any general words of wisdom for a rookie? Thanks for any comments!

Welcome Paul visit often much info traded here .
Please go to top left ,Control panel and put in you info so we know where you are located .

When you’re done with the ethics part so back again and go through the inspection standards with a fine tooth comb.

Put a copy of it on your wall and refer to it before you ask a question on this message board.

A huge percentage of inspectors operate outside the standards and most of the answers to their questions are found in the standard.

Note, depending on where you live your state may trump the NACHI standard.

Welcome aboard Paul, go through this message board and the archived MB and read the posts. There is a ton of good information and you will most likely find that any questions you have, have already been asked and answered… multiple times. Good luck!