Newest from my daugher

She went to Quantico, as part of a summer class.

Notice the “Energy Drink”?


Fair warning…if she stays at Quantico get your CC or checkbook out and ready. Marine dress blues, a mamaluke, service uniforms…they all run around $1,000 ea! My credit card and I got to know the Marine Shop in downtown Quantico quite well. If she elects the Marine option it will be the most amazing experience of her life. I’ve got a nice story, at least to me, about my son at TBS that I’ll share sometime.

No, she will be opting for Surface Warfare. She is doing her last summer class, “Advanced Leadership and Geopolitics”. They get speakers every morning (last week, it was the Israeli defense minister) and in the afternoons, they discuss and write papers. She did her summer cruise, finally, on the U.S.S. Halsey, a guided missile Aegus destroyer.

BTW: Her knee turned out to be fine. No surgery.

When she was home, over the summer, we all went to Navy Pier, here in her whites. You would not believe how many looks she got and all the rides are free for the Military.

Here she is, dealing with “Pirates”.