Newish to draw inspections

Hello all,

My name is Tiffany and I am located in northwest middle TN. I have inspected properties on behalf of mortgage companies for 24 years. This includes residential and commercial to verify occupancy and condition. I have inspected residential and commercial properties for insurance companies for about a year and a half now. I have recently obtained a drone pilot license.

I was referred by a colleague to check into draw inspections and had a few others suggest it to me as well. Today the bank I have banked with for years asked if I would be interested in performing their inspections without going in detail with me on what type. My questions are, is a paid membership here worth signing up for, are there certifications required as I am not a licensed home inspector, and do I need an extensive knowledge on building codes to perform the job. My current work requires hardly any skill at all only the ability to observe. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see a floor put it or a gutter sagging, but if you were to ask me the type of wood used I would be of no use. Should I get a home inspectors license for draw inspections? Sorry for the long post.

A paid membership here is well worth it. And, there are certifications to get depending on what you are doing.

If your state requires an inspector to have a license, get one.

Most “draw” inspections are really just a survey to review the construction completion at various stages (expressed as a percent of each line item), along with notes on materials delivered/stored (waiting to be installed) or other relevant observations, etc. They are not qualitative in nature.

The lender won’t release the builder’s draw payment unless construction is on track (and actually taking place, so they don’t finance another job site or someone’s new boat).

Thank you. I have done residential insurance loss inspections so the bank will release funds to the mortgagors and this sounds very similar to those.

Thank you ikage, I would like to to a paid membership in the near future but wanted to test drive the membership first per say.