Newly Certified Professional Inspector not showing up in inspector search

I’m recently certified as a home inspector through Nachi. I have passed the state and national exams months ago. I have completed my four mock inspections, the ethics and all other prerequisites for the CPI certification. I have been able to download my Certificate of Nachi certification. My problem is that when I search for my own name in the “Find an Inspector” feature, my name doesn’t come up. I have searched using my address, nothing comes up.
Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? Is there some additional fee I need to pay?

you showed up here


Welcome to Home inspection, Ian.

Do you have a website? Link it to your Internachi profile and build some presence on the interwebs. It will help you build up your new business and get found in searches.


For me when I checked, you show up under your area, but do not show up when searching by your name. That could be a clue in figuring out the issue. Not sure.

This question is the key to success in a digital age.
Your answer to Burts question is…??

My website is

Ian,did you clear the cache, log out and log back in?

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