Newly dug drinking water well

I had my first inspection on a house with a septic and well. I was able to perform a water test at the lab on the well before it stopped pumping water. The well stopped pumping water while I was performing a septic dye load test. I was wandering what I need to test the newly dug well for, if they have to have one done. Before that they are going to try to blow the lines out. I should mention I am from Pennsylvania.

Unless you are licensed by the state to perform a septic test and a well test, you are way outside of your swimming lane, you’re not even in the same pool. What does your states SOP say about this work?


The most important test on a new well is yield. If it stopped pumping water is this an equipment (pump/plumbing) problem or a yield problem?

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I do not know. I was unable to perform that test on the well before it quit. The home owner is doing a blow test. And if that does not work then they will be digging a new well.

What do you mean by a blow test? Does he plan on fracking the well?

I mean blowing the line.