Newly licensed home inspectors seem to all do this which is a mistake.

They wait to be noticed.

The market doesn’t care that you got your home inspector license.

we’ve all been there. you put in the work, get the schooling, take the test, wait an excruciating amount of time for your test results, send in for your license, another month or two and yeah! I got my license in the mail! Then reality sets in…no one knows or cares…and no one wants a rookie inspector, no matter how many years you were swinging a hammer.


Most are so focused on becoming a home inspector that they forget they must be a businessman first.
A businessman is concerned with getting the business get off the ground and thriving.
If you’re not a businessman with a business plan for success then “The Home Inspector” will wither on the vine.

i feel like this is going to be a thread that turns into a new book the way Stacks did. Stacks for the Brand New Home Inspector Nick?

How is the Grape guy doing ?

Dont know