Newly re-plumbed house, owner says

Owner has on discloser that the house was re-plumbed within the last 2 yrs. I think he should finish it. I was wondering where the vent pipe was when I was on the roof. Have a look at the crawl space. :-k

Vent terminaing in crawl space.JPG

Bad cleanout plug.JPG

Good lord I am glad we don’t have crap like that here, I don’t think I inspected a single crawl space this year at a real house, the exception was for a couple used house trailers…what a mess you have there…!!

But the comment should be easy: Recommend a licensed plumber with many fittings and pipe lay off the booze until the crawl space is re-plumbed–::)))

I think I woke up from that during the night sweating and screaming.

Maybe they were using Bill Clinton’s encyclopedia of “definitions” for replumbing. :mrgreen:

I believe this is the very latest thing “retro plumbing fixtures”. They’re all the rage you know.:roll: :roll: :roll:

I haven’t seen clay tile fittings since I was a kid working for Dad.

I thought if you re-plumbed a house, you were suposed to get a permit.

By the way - do I see Polybutylene under that house?

Would need an astronaut suit to not get contaminated ! or catch any cooties.

You guys are spoiled living the life of wine and roses you really should get out more. That pic is pretty much the common on low end houses for me.:wink: