News Flash: Shootings at Fort Hood

12 dead and 31 wounded, latest numbers. 3 gunman at Fort Hood (Armored Corp Headquaters, in Texas) shot other military personel and MPs. The lead gunman was a U.S. Army Major with an Arabic last name.

Very interesting, and or course, tragic.

Prayers with the families and friends.

Tragic for sure…tragic and sad…

I’m essentially incapable of being surprised any longer by pretty much any sort of news whatsoever.

This surprises me.

From ABC news. The lead shooter was U.S. Army Major Malik Hasan, who was killed. Two others were apprehended.

Hope they waterboard them. It will be interesting to here how this went down. Someone flipping out or Jihadi infiltration?

I’m about 40 miles south of the base and it’s getting very major coverage here since about 2:00pm CST. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Hard to believe a coordinated attack like this appears to be would be ‘stress related’.

More than one involved? Sounds like a planned attack and not a case of losing it.

As a public service, we will keep this thread continuously updated for those of you with internet but without television or radio.

They’re definitely Buckwheating it.

OMG this is terrible news. :frowning:

Unbelievable, God help them all.
I am familiar with that base, my son was stationed there for 4 years, went there twice.
It’s all over the news right now.

CBS trying to connect the dots in a manner that seems to be trying to equate these isolated incidents with some overall crackpot element among military personnel.

Got to love the MSM.

100 to 1 all the shooters are Islamic and have names that sound like a lugi is stuck in their throat.

Joe, I don’t know you, but you do know this thread is public right?

I rephrased it.

As of 8:00 pm eastern;
muslim major hasan who apparently did not want to go to iraq or afghanistan. Tried to avoid going over seas. Went in to a medical centre and appears to have targeted people he new. Told a relative that “muslims should stand up against serving in iraq and afghanistan”
damn him to hell.


  • The gunman was a U.S. Army Major, recently transfered from Water Reed to Fort hood.
  • He recieved his medical degree from a medical school in Syria.
  • He was a Muslim.
  • He was being deployed to Iraq.
  • He had, in the past, stated that the Iraqis had a right to defend themselves against “occupation”.

Soruces, Fox News, ABC news, AP, U.S. Army spokesmen.

My thoughts:

  • This is the first terrorist attack, on U.S. soil since 9/11.
  • Something that people forget is that the first Islamist Jihad attack on the U.S. was when Bobby Kennedy was assasinated. He was killed by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palistinian, who stated that he Killed Bobby Kennedy for supporting Israel in the 6 day war. “I did it for my country”, was what many eyewitnesses stated Mr. Sirhan said after he killed Kennedy.
  • These people have long memories and a deep seated hatred of Israel, and of the U.S. for supporting Israel.

That’s all for now.

Wow. Almost unfathomable to be honest. I am leaning towards agreeing with your thoughts at the moment Will. Take to get some more info, but this could turn out real ugly, or should I say, uglier than it already is.

And he was a Mental-Health Doctor to boot.
Duh! He needed help himself obviously. :frowning:


I disagree. He was rational (within his own frame of refererence).

In other words, he was not “legally insane”.

He acted rationally, but his frame of reference was all messed up.

Islamo-Nazi ideology. “We fail, when measured against you, and so, therefore, you must all die to show that we are superior”.

I have been to the Middle East, and have worked there and the problem is that the Islamic - Arab mindset is not one of “right and wrong” but, rather, one of “honor and shame”.

So, the Israelis make the desert bloom and are the 2nd leading country, in the entire world, as far as high tech and economic growth.

So, the “shame” the Arabs, who have nothing going for them, except oil, and their chame can only be “avenged” by killing those wh, they believe, have shamed them.

They simply cannot understand that they have “:shamed” themselves, by their own inaction and because of their completely messed up religion and culture.

Just my opinion and hope this helps;

Wow…Gen Cone reports at 8:15 pm that shooter Hasan is not dead…alive and in stable condition at the hospital. Still 12 dead, 31 injured.