News Release of Interest to Mid-Missouri Chapter Members

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April 25, 2005


Jim Bushart, President of the Mid Missouri Chapter of the National Association of Certified

Home Inspectors (NACHI), has announced that a federal Fire Safety and Prevention grant in

the amount of $93, 207 has been awarded to the NACHI Foundation, by the Department of

Homeland Security.

As a partner, NACHI will be providing the required cost share funds that will bring the total

budget for the grant period to $133,152. This money will be used to purchase 1000 special

smoke alarms for deaf and hearing impaired persons.

If you or someone you know is deaf or hearing impaired and could benefit from a free smoke

detector that is specially designed to assist them in the event of a fire in their home, you are

asked to contact the Mid Missouri Chapter of the National Association of Home Inspectors

(NACHI), by writing : NACHI, PO Box 62, High Hill, MO 63350 or, by email,

Whenever the foundation awards a smoke detector, we will have the closest inspector provide it to the recipient and put another article with a photo in the paper.

This is not advertising as much as it is public relations, but we may as well get as much mileage as we can for the buck.

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