Next to last Grand Prize. Digital Leveling System. First to reply wins.

Nick the level is shipping for the grand prize for the Online Christmas party today. Thanks again.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season and prosperous New Year!


Mike East
Digital Leveling Systems
1096 Weakley Lane
Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone 800-472-3741
Fax 615-984-4764

Daniel Levia
Red Deer , AB

Russ Hensel
Fort Myers, Florida

Stephen Stanczyk
Safe Haven Inspections
PO Box 124
Kapowsin, WA 98344
(253) 241-0602
Nachi # 05113031

David Hays
Denver, CO

Christian Mettel

Aurora, Ontario

Troy Pappas
Virginia Beach, VA

Man you guys are fast this year.
Guess everyone knows the secret now.

Need a instant refresh software.

Congrats to Daniel Levia!! Enjoy and Merry X Mas to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now lets see if Canadian Customs lets it across the border.

Nick if it may be a problem, give it to the runner up. I won too much this year anyway.

I like his way of thinking…:slight_smile:

Nah, that is too obvious. I think it should go to the 2nd runner up. :wink:

Third runner-up and he won’t even have to ship it. Winner can pick it up! :mrgreen:

Runner-ups will have to do what Dayna did:

Could you post a link to the prize I would like to see it.


thanks. that is cool.

We used to use a lot of tube and water to level continuous scored bands across the front of condos and such. That thing would have been great bsck then.

Recieved it this morning. Guess Canadian customs decided to let it through. Can’t wait to open it up and try it out.
Also received my box of other goodies yesterday.
Thanks Nick, I really appreciate what you do for us.