Next year's Convention is going to be free, marking the end of all other big events.

This year’s Convention coming up is just $99 and there really is no comparison between our advanced educational offerings and any other inspection-industry event’s.

Next year we are going to drop the price from $99 to $0, marking the end of all big inspection events in N. America (other than NACHI’s). By 2009 we predict we’ll have as many as 8 NACHI National Conventions per year througout N. America, all free.

Planet NACHI… resistance is futile.

That’s exciting to hear. It would be great to have them by region (just a thought) :smiley:

That’s the thought.

Very awesome Nick and Co.! Thanks for all you guys are doing. Really, I can’t see how anyone could say we aren’t getting our money’s worth in this Org. I’d say we’re getting many times over, wouldn’t you?

How about a convention in the heartland next year? Equally accessible for everyone.

Now that sounds like a plan

Nick, very generous of you and NACHI. Ultimately, I think a quarterly show, one in each time zone for lack of a better geographical distinction, would be a good idea.