NFPA 2005 NEC Expert Grounding Video Clip

Go to youtube see the GFCI video here:


I could not find it on the page…

Try again, you may have to join YouTube to see it.

Ahhh…thanks JOE…That is probably the problem as I think it did say something about joining or being approved to view it.

Thanks again.

Worked fine for me and I did’t “join” anything.

I am also a non member and viewed it with no trouble.

You may have to wait for it to download…

Ahhh…could be…I am still in the BACK WOODS with good ole’ dial up…anyway now the link is gone…sorry I missed it.

my link was deleted since the download was too long!

It’s a large download (56 megs) but if you want this video to keep go to this url and download.


Watch out for the link above, since it requires a membership and puts your address into a database showing everything about you, your address and location including your phone number!

I have deleted my original link.

This new link was an attempt to help slow downloads, and when I tried it, it corrupted my machine and I found it necessary to delete the entire file for this software.