NH Home Inspectors

House bill 307, relative to the removal of certain wood stoves upon the sale of a home and notification of such removal to the department of environmental services.


come pry my cold dead hands from around my “wood stove”! :slight_smile:

No kidding, I can’t believe they think they can force someone to remove and destroy an older wood stove.

Peter, are they saying all wood stoves prior to 1986 used for heat?

Yes, that’s what I understand.

I think some people will be flashing them the bird under the blankets. :mrgreen::wink:

Pete , the bill says only in densely populated areas , notice the sponsers are from Pittsburgh. Stafford and Cheshire :shock:

I saw that. I personally think it’s poorly written and doubt it will pass but for us it’s worth following to see if it passes.

That may be areas where another source of energy is provided…

You can keep your stove and gas lamps at the lake house! :wink:

Pass a “Stupid” Bill and watch it morph into a nightmare!

You know, “pass the bill and see what’s in it” health care!?