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Hi Pete,
I am unable to comment on or discuss matters that are before the board until they are confirmed by the board. Rules are rules
you can contact our ED and she can further direct you. Thanks for visiting the web page!

There is no way that home inspectors could have written those 30 pages of rules and regulations. It had to be attorneys and/or special interest groups who had them all written ahead of state law approvals. It frustrates me that inspectors are not questioning where all of this stuff comes from.

I think the NH Board may want to revisit these definitions.

For example, your definition of a “home inspection” requires by definition that it is something performed by a “home inspector”, which you have defined as being a licensed person.

This would mean that if an unlicensed person performs the same or similar act…it is NOT considered a “home inspection”, by law.

Accordingly, an unlicensed person could (by definition) inspect a home and write a report because the fact that he does not have a license is proof that his action was NOT considered, by the law, a “home inspection” thus he violated nothing.

For the board to have jurisdiction over the actions of unlicensed persons performing home inspections, you will need to change your definition of a home inspection to “the process by which a person or persons visually examine the readily accessible systems and components of a home and provides a description of those systems and components to someone else.”

This law was poorly written.

LOL… Licensing sure solves nothing in New Hampshire.

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Thanks for the update. Can you provide “Contact information” for the ED?

What is her name etc?

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Hi Pete!
I have been going over this for the last few days.

This is on page #3

Home. 301.04 Application/Licensure Fees.

(a) The application for licensure shall be *$200.00. *

(b) The wall display certificate fee for licensees shall be $50.00

© The biennial renewal fee shall be $200.00

(d) If the renewal is not received by the date of expiration there shall be a late fee of 20 percent per month.

(e) The reinstatement fee after 12 months shall be the renewal fee plus 20 percent per month late fee totaling $680.00.

(f) The fee for verification of licensure shall be $30.00.

(g) The fee for replacement of a lost or mutilated certificate of licensure shall be $50.00.

(h) Course providers shall pay an evaluation fee of $30.00 each time a course issubmitted to the board to be evaluated for pre-licensing education credit.

Home 301.05 Fees.
All fees shall be paid in the form of cash, money order, bank draft, check or credit card payable to “Treasurer, State of New Hampshire” and are non-refundable

I tried to do a “Cut & Paste” of all 30-pages with some comments but after the 3rd “crash” I decided to just attach them and let you read them for yourselves!

Read this and then look closely at the ASHI Model Licensing law.
It is clear that a “Special Interest Group” has not only written the law but is making the “Amendments” to it!