NH leg. update

Hi all,
here is a leg. update

SB 212 relative to the regulation of home inspectors. sponsor Senator Cilley
public hearing 3/7 at 3:00 state house rm. 100

HB 763 establishing the licensure and regulation of residential and building inspectors. sponsor Representative Baroody
public hearing 3/8 at 9:45 LOB rm. 306

thats all for now folks!

Senator Cilley Bill

Representative Baroody Bill

hi all,

SB212 hearing has been rescheduled to march 9 in state house room 103
at 9am.


I was notified today that HB 763 was squashed. Just checking to see if anyone has anything concrete.

Your information source is unreliable, it would appear. The link is not working properly, but a direct hit on the quick searchsays an Executive Session is scheduled for 3/14/07.

Old Info Jim…

Jim, were you at the meeting today?


I was at the meeting today and I there is no doubt in my mind that this bill has been squashed. Tell us where you got your info. from.

I need to rewrite this to say, I was at the meeting and there is no way this bill has been squashed, what so ever!!!

Where does your info come from??

Rep. Gale?:wink:

Do you mean former rep. Gale??

Uh huh.:smiley:

Thats what I thought, I’m going to the meeting tomorrow to voice my opinion, stay tuned!

Good luck.

Cool, Thanks for the update.

I can only guess where you got your information. It is not too hard to figure out.

I am happy to say that it is completely wrong. Our bill is alive and strong, and will remain that way.

Tomorrow we will be meeting at the Senate building, voice our opposition to the ASHI/Senate Bill. I urge all NACHI inspectors to show up and voice your opposition.

We will post an update sometime this weekend.

don’t feel bad, neither was John.

Here is the correspondence I received. Looking forward to your update. Good Luck.

…heard from my collegues that both will be ITL’d…the next step will be a combined house and senate commitee to rewrite the 2 bills into one.
End quote:

Whoever sent you that is quoting "standard procedure"for opposing Bill’s.
That could very well be the case however at this point in time it is just speculation.
I have a meeting set up with a Senator and two members of the House of Representatives. I will keep everyone updated.

Here is my front row view of what happened today in the NH Senate hearing.
Not only was the home inspection bill there but also licensing of contractors as well which has also been a hot topic in this state.
I do want to say that NACHI was very well represented and I might add listened to. We had a good showing and dominated the front row and just about all of us where able to speak.

The bill that is before the senate is structured around ASHI membership requirements and I think that the Senator that sponsored the bill even realized the many flaws in it.
This is not over yet, and I, as well as others have volunteered our time to the sub-committee’s to make sure our voice is heard.