NH legislation

Hi all,
I have been nominated by Governor Lynch to sit on the NH Home Inspection Licensing Board.
I am very pleased at this appointment, although it will not be official until Dec. 18th.
My term will as of now be for 2 years. I am here for INACHI NH members who have any questions and I will be happy help you guys out and continue to support in every way that I can.
NH members can feel free to contact me at any time for assistance and I will do my best to create a positive experience when becoming a licensed NH Home Inspector.

Hi Carla,

congratulations on your appointment, I know you are very well respected in the NH real estate community, I hope you can do some good for all inspectors in the State.



Remember there is a difference. Is it licensing, certification, or registering? Here in Kansas, they cannot make up their mind. Every state definds each word differently.

Congrats Carla!

Thanks Gerry and Nick

Congratulations Carla!
I know that you will be a fine addition to this board! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Carla.

Congratulations Carla!..a fine representative.

Great Carla

thanks all!

Congratulations Carla.

Congrats Carla

You deserve it for all of the hard work you have put in.

Good Luck

Well done Carla. Make us proud!

Great news Carla, be a force for good.

Super Fantastic Carla.

Something tells me that you are the “FIRST FEMALE HOME INSPECTOR” to be named to such a position in the whole world. On top of that you’re an iNACHI member. This is history folks…Join in and wish Carla the best…

Bravo, Carla!

Congratulations Carla, You will definitely be an asset to the board and all of us here in NH.

Thanks everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I join the others in welcoming you and know you will do well.