NH mold inspectors

How is this going to effect mold inspections in NH. I don’t do mold inspections but am curious how this is going to work and if current certifications will be grandfathered.

The courses new Hampshire requires costs about $800 plus travel expenses and then you got to pay the $300 annual membership fee. That organization at one time had good standing, but their politics are tearing them apart (A lot of mold experts are saying their their classes are weak and that organization is now in it for the $$$). I initially belonged to that organization. That group lobbies states like A$HI use to lobby Realtors. It definitely will allow the mold assessors, that stay around, to make a lot more $$$.

Peter…very interesting. …this one flew under the radar. Seems to favor a particular group for certification. Group also has a CMI designation…Nick won’t like that. I don’t do mold either but it looks like a money grab for the certification group. Won’t affect me but I bet agents are not aware. The old just wipe some bleach and put on some paint may no longer be a solution. I’ll have to read the bill now so I know what is going on. If my first reaction is incorrect I’ll be back to correct myself before I get hammered.

I bet alot of NH inspectors who do mold testing are aware of it either.
January 1ST is not that far away.