NH update

Hey guys,
today is the effective date for NH licensing.
all inspectors will have to be licensed by 1/2010

any business practicing as their means of livelihood 12 months prior to the effective date will be grandfathered.

thats all for now

Hi guys,
NH inspectors check this out, if you have been in business for 5 years and feel like you can devote the time, get on the list for applications.


all these views and no replies.
I get the hint, oh well

Carla, when I click on the link the site won’t come up. Also, has anyone defined the grandfathering statement that says " as a means of living "

I don’t know to many inspectors making a decent living on inspections right now.

Peter, Try this repaired LINK

Thanks Michael

Ditto from me too.

Thanks Mike


what can be said it is happening either you do it or quit

well Dennis,
that is a real productive comment
maybe some honest to goodness discussion is what I was thinking.
skip it!


It is a “Done Deal” and since ASHI monitors this section of our BB I and others feel that our “discussions” should be made in private.

I have sent out this information in our State Chapters Newsletter.

If you would like to be on the mailing list please let me know and I would be more than Happy to send you future news letters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Carla, I think Dennis was saying either you meet the requirements or quit home inspecting. I talked to him today and he is upset that he had to find out about licensing on the MB. His comments aren’t directed at this thread.

Plus, I would like to know a definition on what constitutes a means of living?

Do you know?

Frank, what newsletter is that, I haven’t heard nothing from you in regard to the passing of SB212 and neither has Dennis as I said before.

Hey Carla

Pete was right my meaning is just that either meet the requirements or you leave HI, very simple, also I e mailed that site and the return answer was as far as grandfathering no administrative board yet so no rules yet

DG, there are rules.
read the chaptered bill the rules are there.
I am not a member of the NH chapter so what is discussed at those meetings I am not privey to.
if you would like to contact me feel free.
I have way too many things on my plate to deal with the MB bull****.
I do know what is happening with licensing and if you would like to talk about it call or email me as I see that it is not wanted here.
and guess what, I am not the trouble maker, “chapter of one” that one would lead anyone to believe!!!
I will do my best to help with the situation here in NH (as I always have)and I am well aware of the market right now, yeah its bad. hang in there and we should work together!! the organizations have been battling for control, as NH home inspectors we should work together, period


For more information see this thread…

It explains that SB-212 was passed and awaiting the Governors signature.

  • If you will remember I also called you at your office an we had a discussion about this bill and the status of the bill.
  • During that discussion I explained that this matter would be discussed at our next Chapter meeting.
    And being true to my word… this matter was thoroughly discussed at our last Chapter meeting.

I contracted another virus on my computer and it “locked” me out of my address book… but I am pretty sure that you and Dennis are still on the E-Mail list.

Just to be sure send me an E-Mail and I will “Update” my files.