NHIE bashed by former ASHI President

Recently a NACHI member brought to the attention of all an article written by long time ASHI member Walter Jowers that was published on the nashvillescene.com website on June 1st, 2006. http://www.nashvillescene.com/Stories/Columns/Helter_Shelter/2006/06/01/License_to_Deal/index.shtml

Of particular interest to me and others in the industry was the quote of a former ASHI president, Larry Hoyt.

"I think the public has an unrealistic expectation that a license…is equated with a qualified person. A license only means that the person was able to pass some sort of lowest-common-denominator exam. The educated public (should) look for a higher form of credentialing."

I agree and strongly support Mr. Hoyt’s quoted comment. It is time for all states to reevaluate the current exams being utilized by the majority of them. That exam being the National Home Inspector Examination aptly described by Mr. Hoyt as the “lowest-common-denominator exam”. The exam that other associations tout as their top tiered full membership logo using requirement exam.

Thank-you Mr. Hoyt for your honest opinions and astute observations.

There’s a phrase that is not commonly used these days, but is certainly appropriate:

“Hoisted on his own petard!”

Thanks, John!

Well golly! Someone from ASHI finally figured it out. Anyone in our industry who recommends the NHIE for licensing purposes (an exam that nearly everyone passes, an exam that you can answer nearly 1/3 incorrectly and still pass) should be dragged out of their homes and shot in the street like a mad dog.

dragged out of their homes and shot in the street like a mad dog.

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