NHIE exam

I’m curious if people are still getting bizarre questions on the NHIE exam. I’m studying for it now and there’s nothing about sprinkler systems in their study guide so I’m wondering if these questions keep popping up. I’m in Tennessee by the way

It’s a bogus exam. If you fail, let me know as we are suing their board members for knowing about these issues for years and hiding them from legislators and government agencies.

I didn’t think it was terribly difficult. Nothing about fire suppression sprinklers but there was some landscape irrigation questions. I took the test in January and passed with a score in the high 80s. If you cover the study guide material you will be prepared.

Took it last week, still a few on pools, still a few on sprinklers. Some are common sense stuff, some are head scratchers, but generally it’s a few questions out of like 200. It shouldn’t be enough to sink your ship.

I wish Nick would tell us how he really felt \:D/ Even if its a sham I still need to pass it to be licensed in Tennessee! Can you give me an example of the type of sprinkler question they asked? I cant seem to find sprinkler systems on ANY of the training programs I’ve looked at.

Study the State board questions Nachi provides and you will do fine. You might go thru the CPI courses and advanced HVAC, advanced electrical courses to help prep you as well.

I received a survey request from NHIE. Looks like they are trying to update or something. Maybe get rid of the off topic questions. I have not had time to actually take the survey but will eventually fill it out.

I’m sure disclosing any questions is off limits so I don’t want to enter that realm. What I do know is that there’s a comments button you can click during the exam to leave remarks on that specific question, I’m guessing the NHIE testing admin gets those. Every question that was outside the SOP I left a comment. I also commented on a few “in this photo” questions, because photos appear so blurry on testing center screens.