NHIE goes under. Non-profit group involuntarily dissolved by IL Secretary of State.

The State of Illinois Secretary of State has dissolved the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors, Inc. the administrators/owners of the National Home Inspectors Exam (NHIE).

The non-profit corp that runs the NHIE doesn’t exist anymore (see attached screen shot of Illinois Secretary of State website).

These bozos created this goofy exam to test the competency of home inspectors yet they themselves aren’t competent enough to stay solvent.

The NHIE was a scam of the 1st degree, paid my nickel and only farted.

What, if any, practical implications does that have for ASHI. Don’t they require NHIE examination?

Who cares. ASHI lost so many members to InterNACHI this year, they are likely to be next. ASHI just can’t compete with www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

Yep. The NHIE was a total scam.

And yet it is still required by many state license boards and laws.

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Just curious…

That document is dated 2012. If so, how have they existed for the last 2+ years?

Check out this link, New Hampshire address.

From Illinois’s 2014 (most recent) Home Inspector Candidate Handbook.
The Home Inspector Examination is a home inspection
competence assessment tool developed primarily by
the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors
(EBPHI) with additional Illinois specific questions as noted
in the content overview in this handbook.

In Illinois to obtain a license, an applicant must: 1) be at least 21 years of age, 2) obtain a high school diploma or GED, 3) as a prerequisite for sitting for the examination, successfully complete 60 hours of pre-license education from an education provider approved and licensed by OBRE, and 4) ****take and successfully pass the Home Inspector Examination for Illinois, which consists of the National Home Inspector Examination and a section concerning Illinois statutes and regulations. ****

NHIE does not administer the Illinois HI exam.
This doesn’t change anything with regards to the licenseing of Illinois home inspectors.
The Illinois SOP is almost identical to the ASHI SOP, as it is in most states.
How many are based on the INACHI SOP???

Many states that have adopted licensing have gone ahead and developed their own state SOP (presumably so that they can adopt their own changes over time). They are all very similar to InterNACHI’s.

Alberta hired the CSA to come up with an SOP but it is really out of this world and so hasn’t been adopted yet.

The state with the most inspectors (by far), Florida, approved InterNACHI’s proctored exam last year for licensing of home inspectors. InterNACHI administers nearly all the proctored inspection exams in Florida anyway, so the NHIE has become meaningless to FL.

Any Florida home inspector who suffered through the NHIE will attest to its meaningless in regards to Florida construction methods and components.

Now Joe… you know damned good & well the questions pertaining to in-ground sprinkler systems were right on target! :twisted:

So, how are they still operating?

LOL. Yeah, what a goofy exam the NHIE was. In-ground sprinkler systems aren’t included in any state or association’s SOP yet the NHIE included a bunch of questions about them.


Looks like they’re still around…NEXT! :roll:

The board members are still around, their site is still up, but the entity (corp) has been dissolved. They don’t exist technically.

No, the entity moved to New Hampshire.

I just took exam last year… Thought I was doing what was correct as home inspector. Now it seems I wasted my money and time!

Nope. You can’t move something that doesn’t exist. Here, see for yourself: https://www.sos.nh.gov/corporate/soskb/SearchResults.asp?FormName=CorpNameSearch&Words=Starting&SearchStr=Examination+Board+of+Professional+Home+Inspectors&SearchType=Search