NHIE site hacked.

I love it :slight_smile:

Move your mouse around on the screen…cool.

Know what’s cool about that? Run your mouse pointer over and around the page. Very cool!

I love it. Many thanks to my Muslim brothers.

I think we can all agree the NHIE is a crock of ****, but it’s not cool being hacked. I had two very similar hacks a few years ago. It is not fun. I don’t wish it on anyone.

I have to say, I do wish it on the crock of **** NHIE. Praise Allah. :wink:

Hey MohammadGrand… hack ASHI’s site next. LOL


I worship Jesus Christ.

Muslims love and revere Jesus too.

How much did this cost you Nick? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not seeing anything?

So many inspectors don’t realize that the NHIE and EBPHI are a non-profit club that represents and speaks for all inspector since 1999

For Example see their current Board make up below.

Don Norman, President ** (Past ASHI President)**
Kristine Messick, Treasurer
Loretta DeHay, Secretary & Public Member
Charlie Sessums, Immediate Past President (ASHI)
Charles Gifford, President Elect (Past ASHI President)
Carl Brakensiek, Public Member
David Goldstein (Past ASHI Chapter President) / Wife at ASHI HQ)
George Harper (Retired ASHI Chapter President)
Paul Naylor (Unknown)
Thomas Lauhon (ASHI Trainer / Past ASHI Chapter President)
Paul Staron (Past ASHI Board of Directors)
Ed Winkelman (Unknown)