NHIE study guide access

Where can I get a copy of the NHIE study guide? Seems to be out of stock or unavailable everywhere I’ve looked. Thanks

My advice:

Do the NACHI courses and take the NACHI exam over and over until you score above 95 repeatedly.

Believe me I’ve been doing that for 3 months. I figured the exam would be a piece of cake. I took another course prior to joining internachi. Someone mentioned the study guide so thought I’d try it out. I was shocked by the questions on the NHIE exam. even though I scored in the high 60s.was broken down into 20 categories. I feel like I actually did pretty well under the circumstances. Although I’m self taught I’ve been in construction my whole life and have been a maintenance tech. For many years. I just can’t afford to not pass again. But pass it I will…lol…thank you very much. I just want all the information I can gather to be successful.

The NACHI exam is a very good place to start, but just remember that you will not find any of the NACHI questions vertibatum on the NHIE, so you will have to extrapolate the knowledge to answer the question.

My method for exams is to answer all of the questions you are sure of the first time through without stopping, then go back and concentrate on the tough questions, once you answer a question move on, in any case good luck.

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Ditto on what joseph said… That format will also at times give or help you to remember the answer to a previous “tough question”

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