NHIE Testing and Code Questions?

I have been searching through the forum about the NHIE but have not found anything recent. I know there was also a lawsuit in progress as well with the providers of the exam.

My questions is, has the test changed or does it still contain a lot of code and construction related questions on it?

I have been going through the InterNachi practice exam for the last couple of weeks. How does this current practice exam relate to the NHIE questions?

Thank you in advance!

After 15 years, I just don’t remember, Bradley…sorry. :thinking:

I had a time with the first exam…a lot of questions about swamp coolers and pools…neither of which are relative to my inspection business in my region. There were also several questions on fireplaces. Where I live, pools are rare so I refer pool inspections to local companies in that business. I never have seen a swamp cooler yet and won’t in my region. And although I inspect wood burning fireplaces, I do not inspect the flu and recommend a chimney sweep company to sweep, and inspect before operating. I too heard there was a lawsuit but don’t know any more than that. I needed the exam for a WV license, so I took it…passed the second time. My advise is take the exam…if you fail, you will see the areas of deficiency to brush up on, Although my second exam had no questions about swamp coolers, and only a couple on pools like service line clearance and gates. Good luck!

Thanks @sreed3 for the good info!

Keep in mind that the test changes consistently. If you take it now if will be different next time you take it.
The test is a national test, so even if something is not common in your region it can still be on the test.
When I tool it earlier this year, it had questions about solar panels, pools and also the swamp coolers that Scott mentioned. You may want to purchase the NHIE study guide. It covers all of this and the sample questions it has will give you an idea about the structure of the questions and answers.
Good Luck!

I used the NHIE study guide and scheduled the exam less than a week after I finished my 80 hour required classroom course. The biggest help for me, however, was spending my 4 study days after the exam going through every major system module in the NACHI education section and taking all of the quizzes associated with these modules. If you can pass these quizzes pretty readily, and you’ve read through the NHIE study guide, you shouldn’t have much issue with the exam, IMO. Good luck!

I know, pedantic, but it may make a difference someday.

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That is very helpful.

What I meant to say was…“spending my 4 study days after my 80 hour course (not the exam, cause that would just be silly!) going through every major system module…” Why would I want to spend 4 days after the exam studying for the exam, right? Ha!

I missed the “after” but changed it in my post.

Thanks, Stephen!

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Could you elaborate, expound on, or re-word this question? It was not clear what you are asking.

Thanks everyone for the input!

I just took my test for the first time today and passed. I won’t say it was easy, but it was probably a thousand times easier for me then the Yahoo’s in my class that had the random thought of making easy money inspecting houses… I also have two degrees in construction and 20 years of construction / home building / remodels. In my opinion, you should have several years of hands on experience in construction if your going to inspect homes for people. Also, just because I have a good knowledge of construction, doesn’t mean I suddenly know how to inspect houses just because I passed a stupid exam… I plan on following someone many, many times… All that being said, there were several questions about construction / how things should be built. I didn’t have a single question about IBC or IRC. Then again, I only looked at 200 questions out of a few thousand possible questions. My teach taught us that we weren’t building inspectors. We don’t inspect to code.
I found the internachi flash card app helpful and I took their practice test a few hundred times… That seemed to help me.

Welcome Billy, and CONGRATULATIONS! :grinning::grin::tada::8ball::dark_sunglasses::smiley:

Thank you! Now what happens?? Who do in need to notify to get my license? I have called my teacher but I know she is very busy. There isn’t much online about what to do AFTeR you pass!

Check with your state to see where and what you need to send them… go here to see your state https://www.nachi.org/my/dashboard/licensing

Fail your way to success… Edison did it…Huh?

Try fastreply@nachi.org for your questions.