NHIE Tutor Request


I am attempting the NHIE for the 3rd time later this month and have been inundated with materials for so many different sources that it has been overwhelming.

Are there any tutors that can help me via zoom or google meet for a fee?


You should begin with explaining where you got your education/training/experience from, so others can better advise a method that may actually work for you.

Basically, this is what you are asking from us without knowing anything about you and your background.

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I attended Hondros College in November of 2021 and received my certification from them in February. I have been working as a Housing Inspector for a small non-profit in Cleveland Ohio. In order to be able to perform real estate inspections I am seeking my State License. I have come up short twice by 60 pts and then 7 pts.

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If you have not already gone to the NHIE website, you need to visit it. You should download a copy of the Exam Content Outline, it will show you the areas of knowledge and the percentage of questions you will be tested on. Also, the NHIE study guides are a very valuable resource. They have an e-Book that is a great study resource.

Take your old test result sheets and study the ares of knowledge you are the weakest in. You need to understand the material. You should know every component of a residential electrical panel; know the different types of roofs and roofing material; know about light framing; know about foundations, basements, slab and crawlspaces; and on and on. The exam content outline will provide you with the areas you will be tested on. Prepare for the Exam - National Home Inspector Examination


There is some mega tutoring right there! WTG Scott, good stuff.

Much appreciated Scott. I will adhere to those steps.

My bests.