Taking the exam today. Any suggestions?

Either you are ready or you are not! I hope you “studied” because if you fail you will have to pay another 250 bucks to retake the test:neutral:

{In preparation for this test many home inspectors take the InterNachi test for free. I know inspectors who have taken the InterNachi test 15 to 20 times because… You never get the same test and it will certainly help you “prepare” for the expensive NHIE test.}

Be sure to take a “picture ID”, a small calculator, and even though they supply them … take at least one pencil and one pen.

  • Good luck and I hope this helps!:nachi:

Why are you taking this expensive test?

Seems to be a concern in this area for license/certification, even though Va does not require it. The test is the final step I need. Tired of explaining about what VA requires. Have been studying last several days

New Hampshire is a licensed state. If your state is not a “licensed state” and the NHIE is NOT required then I suggest that you save your money.
{None of your customers will know if you have or have not taken this test and you will not receive “more inspections” just because you have taken this test!}

If you are absolutely required to take this test I respectfully suggest that you not take it today!
Why? From your statement above {Have been studying last several days} it leads me to believe that you will probably fail this test.
If you fail… {And a lot of people do} you will have to spend another $225.00 -$250.00 to retake the test!
I would hate to see you throw your money away!

What material have you been studying?

Test was not technically challenging at all. If you prepared througth InterNACH Inspectors Exam and used the InterNACH State Exam Prep (2000+question) you will be more than prepared.

This test technique has help me to get through these types of timed exam.

There are 200 question, only need 80% to pass so technically 40 question you can I get wrong (question are weighted per sections).

Recommend going through each question and answering only the ones you know first and mark the ones you don’t know because many times the answer is with a later questions. Don’t dwell on the question mark it and move on. Then go back to the marked questions and answer those questions and mark the ones you absolutely have no answer for. Then go back through those final marked questions and for each question 2 of the 4 multiply choices will be a wacked out answer you know can’t possible be the correct choice. This give you 50% chance you choose correct answer.

Then go through all question on last time to confirm you answer.

Good Luck.

Have been re-studying the ahit course that I have. Have gone through the courses here as well. Last several days have been more intense than others

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John in post #5 gave you some good advice. From his comments it is obvious that he has taken this test. I took it and “Aced It” but that is for several reasons. Number one I have been in this industry since 1972. I have been a “Code Compliance Inspector” for over a quarter of a century. I have been a “Code Compliance Inspector” for the Federal Government for over two decades. I have taught more courses on electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural, etc. etc. than I can remember.
I do not like to fail anything so I studied and studied and studied for this test and Like I said… I “Aced the Test” but… even with a strong background in this industry I did not receive a “perfect score”.

At the time {1999} I was taking a “Home Inspector’s Course” in a local college. One of my classmates was a Structural Engineer who told me that the construction industry was slow so he was thinking of becoming a “Home Inspector” because {in his mind} since he was already a Structural Engineer he would be able to “blend right in to this industry without any problems whatsoever.” I noticed that during this course he did not study very hard and seemed to be bored.
Guess who failed the test?

SIDE-NOTE: We had just completed the “Home Inspector’s Course” at Bunker Hill community college {That is where the movie “Good Will Hunting” with Robin Williams and Matt Damon was filmed.}

Depending on your background/experience and … Since you have taken the AHIT course and studied their material I believe that you will pass this test.

I wish you the best of luck!:nachi:

Greg, If you’re in Va. you might consider getting a Md. License as well since you are required to have passed the NHIE for Md. licensure.
Assuming you’re not in southern va. and could benefit from doing Md. jobs as well.

I found the test to be quite challenging and long but did pass it!
Hope you do well!


Done. Just never went in there to change things

Passed the test. A few things on there that were not covered in any of the training materials. And a few photos were not very conclusive to the question. But otherwise not too difficult.

Thanks Tom. I am actually just south of Winchester. Actually closer to WVA than MD. I am considering WVA as well.

Congrats Greg!!

Congrats Gregory. Most of it is test anxiety…

If anyone is looking for NHIE Practice test questions these are the same question PSI will sell you for $50 bucks. http://www.allsafehomeinspection.com/National%20Home%20Inspector%20Exam%20Questions.pdf

Way to go, best of luck, it is a rewarding career, like to sit on my back porch after an inspection and wonder what took me so long to start an inspection company. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of things you still have to do to get going. Took me a good six months before things picked up. Even travel a good 100 miles for the right clients. You have also picked the right association, tons of help in all directions.