NiCad Batteries

Anyone have a good line on sources for replacement NiCad batteries, i.e. for a TIF 8800 sniffer?



How old is your Tiff? I’ve had mine for three years with the same batteries.


Chris, Try ebay. I get mine their. There is a dealer on ebay that has huge inventory of these. I think they are called “Tool Wharehouse” I’ll try and double check for you. I pay like $19 for them.

I had some wierd nicad batteries the equipment manufacturer wanted big dollars for. I took the battery to my local batteries plus store, they peeled off the after market shrink wrap and ID’d the battery. Then sold me the same critter at a lower price.:slight_smile:


The company is called “USA Tool Wharehouse”. Here is the link to the page where they have the replacement batteries. Scroll down.

The batteries are $19.95

Hope that helps you out…they also have replacement parts and tiff’s for $119

Thanks for the help, men. David…two years, eleven months. Use the sh*t out of the thing.

$25.02 S&H