Nice Chicago Suburban Home Up For Bid

Nice home the owner didn’t finish because it was too big.

He probably couldn’t afford the furniture. I think I’d only be able to furnish two or three of those rooms. That’s huge!

We had one of them around here. Guy defrauded a bunch of insurance companies. Place was preposterously large. Cost $$$$$millions. Basically gave it away in the end.

Only a nitwit would have bought it.

Over sized, over priced , UGLY and has a “taj ma hall” feel to it. Someone had an ego larger then his / her wallet… Hmmm I wonder where they are from… anyone?:wink:

I thought the same thing when I saw it.
Love the ballroom though.

Less is more.

I have inspected a couple of houses of this size. Monsters, on the North Shore. Totally different head up there.

Once did a 63,193 DF house, with 3,400 SF “coach house”.

The garage was 6 car (3 X 2 car, attached) and had some minor cracking the the concrete floor. The wife didn’t like it. Had a company come out an polich and stain the garage floor. Looked like a granite countertop.

She whold not allow her husband to park hhis 3 collector cars (69 Ferrari, 58 Corvette and 55 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow) in the garage anymore.

He built a special garage for them.

As I said, a totally different head.