nice extension

Though you all might like this one. Looks like it was a carport that has been enclosed, but wait there is more, it was not deep enough so they extended the front of the garage a couple of feet, notice the picture of the floor where the original slab stops and the driveway begins inside the garage,
how about the fancy extension of the beam. then a view of the truss bay above the garage door, you can still see the original nails that held the gable end siding in place, and the use of clips as hangers.
rumor has it (interview with the neighbors) the roof lifted during our last hurricane the previous owner submitted a claim with the insurance company, got paid and never repaired it.
Not to mention the extensive drywood termite damage throughout including in the header over the garage door.
One of the few times that I am calling for an engineer evaluation.

Ohh and they installed a pitch break over the front exterior wall, note the rafter extensions, I have yet to see a fastener to the truss or the top plate, I think they are only nailed to the roof substrate.

Nice. I love it when someone (johnny homeowner/joe framer) decides to add on.

I had something similar recently.
Two story home with a deck on the rear of the house. Someone (johnny homeowner/joe framer) decided to semi-enclose the porch and add on a roof. They thought it was a good idea to use the existing deck hand rail as a support and attach studs/supports on top. They also attached the new roof to the existing vinyl siding (ledger type board over top of the siding), which also happens to be an overhang from the second floor for the existing home. Numerous improper, non-standard, sub-par and/or non-professional framing practices were observed (makes for long notes to explain the situation to the client).