Nice Light

:shock: :shock: :shock: :smiley:

19898 East Sonoqui Blvd  3-3-10 032.JPG


Ho close do you think it should be Ian??? :smiley:

If the ceiling is 10 feet and they raise it up a few links,they are fine.
Should we just assume it s 8 feet and be happy there is no shower.?

To bad the hidden wiring drops it at least another foot.

Really Bob?? R U Sure??? :smiley:

8 ft from top of tub. But I don’t know that it is or isn’t from that pic. But, I just don’t like them, kind of scares me, ya never know who put it in and if it’s gonna fall on ya while you and the Mrs are in the tub.:mrgreen:

The perspective is terrible, as it looks like a tub for shorties.

There you go Ian, now Bob knows too…:smiley:

I could reach it from the tub and it was around eye level from the deck…

It is a medium large spa tub…

Brian, did you try swinging from it? :slight_smile:

Damn, you guys are too picky, I can just see this relaxing and soothing warm bath along with nice ambience lighting and a glass of cocktail or wine, a little music. Just sounds like an electrifying moment in time. :mrgreen::shock::wink:

Is that the Mr. is large and the Mrs. is medium? or the other way around?:mrgreen:

Nice catch.