Nice looking Bird Bath

Clients are always surprised by this.

N 51 Dr 2-8-12 026.JPG

N 51 Dr 2-8-12 025.JPG

They are surprised that you broke their fountain?

Most of these Cast Concrete Fountains/Bird Baths are just pieces stacked/balanced on top of each other. If you bump into it hard the entire thing comes apart.

Folks that have Kids/Grand kids/Nieces and Nephews are not happy when the see this.

I always warn of the potential dangers associated with these components.

That’s a small one. I’ve seen them 15 feet tall and not anchored or braced.

You have a yard full of giant cacti and your worried about a fountain…:shock:

If I were 8 again I would be afraid to go and play to begin with. :smiley:

Since you didn’t eat all your peas you are being punished little Jimmy. Now go play in the back yard and Im not pulling any stickers out this time.

and someone actually thinks this looks good?

That was one big brid that knocked down the upper element. HA HA HA
They are two and 3 component at time.
There is a male female coupler.
I have a century bronze I am putting on the market this year.
Over 4 feet.

It is really nice

Yikes! I’ve seen some unstable off balance ones before but never over 6-7 feet tall. Which is still plenty big to kill or maim children or pets. I really do not like most of this style of concrete fountains.