Nice looking deck

from 30’ away. :smiley:

Nope, from 50 ft away I can see it needs to be free-standing design.

It is “free” standing, on the support post. :slight_smile:

What type of ledger support is that Chris?
Got an inside shot of the post attachment?

What ledger support? I can’t believe that thing is still standing!

Gravity. :slight_smile: The joist are sitting on the post, no attachment, not even a toe-nail.
Still standing after 5 years.

Here’s one shot, not the best.

Damn Chris.
I may start carrying yellow police tape myself.

And the only thing connecting deck to house is 16d nails, few and far between.

I am seeing more and more porches in the city ready to go.
Headlines on the way I am sure as the city simply has no man power.

Someone that helped build the house was there, representing the seller, told me the deck was built by a contractor that’s been building them for 30 yrs. And he didn’t believe in all of the new building codes that have came into play.

I don’t think he believed in the old codes either:D