Nice looking inspection vehicle.

Small, but very nice.

Hey kevin, i like that much more than the pick up:D

Me likes.:slight_smile:

Now that is a cool work truck. ;):smiley:

That is smart he even has spare shirts hanging in the back seat window.
Why don’t we all just go with the “Smart car” and stop all the gas guzzling vehicles.:lol::lol::lol:

very profesional looking.

My ladders atop that would make the car look like a helicopter…

Very Nice…

What does the rear look like?

Mr. Graham.:roll:
At least ask him/her out on a date first.:wink:

nothing like a good looking rear:D

I’ve seen some nice rear ends in the past, but the front end really turned me off. :mrgreen:;):twisted:


How do you think a 24’ or 28’ ladder will look on it? Do you guys think it would look dumb?

Xtend and climb is my best friend, but then I drive a mini cooper:D

I have to i do like the red in the internachi logo

I think it looks pretty cool

Like a helicopter…

Or an airplane. :mrgreen::wink:





You saw me driving, Marcel…

This photo is before he got his first car.