Nice PIC of the women who work at InterNACHI.

Maybe I should publish an InterNACHI calender?

Anything for a buck. Ah, to be 30 again.

Thinking of reviving the original newsletter format again?

The first 7 months would be great and totally saleable. I fear the other 5 months filled with Over-The-Hill inspectors trying to look as good as these gals. :slight_smile:

Hey…Who’s da blonde?

nice…let the dreams begin…opps…sorry…Nick always surrounds himself with nice women.

Nice pict Hugh…I mean Nick !!:slight_smile:

I think a calendar is a great idea. They all look cute and I know Paige has those long legs.

The lady’s beauty offsets Kenton Shepard, Rob London, Chris Morrell, Tim Eaton, Ethan Ward, Ron Huffman, Mack Weathers, and me. :stuck_out_tongue:

no argument from me about your last post Nick.