Nice placement

wonder who’s to blame?
foundationeerist or electronical master?

1940’s house.

lol…Chris…thats just in case the enclosure leaks…:slight_smile:

Hard to say who’s “fault” it was. The panel is a modern upgrade, and the sump pit was obviously recently added. That sorta reminds me of this scene from a Volkswagon commercial a few years back:

Now that is a funny pic Mark.

The sump pump is obviously brand new.
The panel was recently replaced, but it on an OLD back board.

I call it the sump pump installer’s fault.
Hey, at least the cord reaches and he did not have to use an x-cord. :|.)

Also That looks like foam board on the wall .
Not allowed in my area must be covered .
In case of fire it gives of a toxic gas.
Roy Cooke

hahaha…man I lOVE that PIC Marc…lol…reminds me of one of my helpers…lol

The best shocking way to go!
Good for a daily laugh.

Looks more like to basement water proofing guys did this. I noticed the floor had been replaced about 1’ around the edge. Wall board is probably FRP panels (tucked down in concrete). Did they fix the wall leaks or just hide them?

That is priceless.