Nice shout out to InterNACHI from the U.S. DOE.

Glickman, Joan <> wrote:
Hello, Nick –

My team has been keeping me posted on your current efforts to make the Home Energy Score readily available to InterNACHI members across the country through the use of innovative technical and marketing methods. We applaud your commitment to addressing the challenges that have thus far kept the home inspection industry from realizing the full potential of the Home Energy Score program to enhance their services and business model, and improve the energy efficiency of our nation’s homes.

The Home Energy Score team has always recognized InterNACHI as a forward-thinking organization. Your initiative to leverage InterNACHI’s impressive educational and IT systems to provide new HES assessors a convenient and reliable means of mentorship and quality assurance is exactly the kind of solution that could give one of our most critical missions – to inexpensively provide accurate energy performance information to every homebuyer in the country – a big and very welcome boost.

I trust that my team is providing you with whatever assistance you need in putting this important program together. I look forward to talking with you as your plans and implementation evolve so we can ensure that this effort can be sustained over the long term and apply your successes to other aspects of our program

We are very excited to work with InterNACHI on the development, pilot testing, and implementation of an effective remote mentoring and quality assurance (QA) approach that both fulfills DOE’s Home Energy Score program requirements and meets the needs of your organization and its members in terms of administration and implementation. To ensure that we can move forward quickly with a coordinated approach – and that we are ready to support your efforts as a national partner, I offer the following points to begin what I hope will be part of an ongoing conversation.

Thank you again for taking on this ambitious and hopeful initiative, and please reach out to Ken or me if we can be of assistance along the way.


Joan Glickman

Senior Advisor

U.S. Department of Energy

Home Energy Score Program Administrator

202-586-5607 (office)

202-492-5080 (cell)

Nice shout out from the U.S. DOE.

I thought it was almost ready to go.

what he said,

Get rid of the SIM aspect of the training. It is an absolute barrier. I would love to score homes and could be doing so already. But the SIM training and the time (which I do not have, because I am working) is keeping me from doing this. I began the process but quickly abandoned it due to the SIM aspect. It is not necessary. Show folks how to do it, give them a program like the tool Internachi or Home Inspector Pro has and go! It is that simple. I am inspecting nearly 700 homes per year and could really get a ton of homes scored. But as long as the SIM aspect of the process is involved…I am out. Way too time intensive for what it needs to be.

The SIM’s training is tedious, I agree. I initially completed it over a year ago. Then I had to take the refresher because there are NO mentors available.

For now, I use it for CE.

Someday, mentors or the virtual training will be available. Maybe!

It’s already available, but the DOE is just super slow to approve. My fiance is friends with Melania Trump so I’m going to tattle tale on the DOE through her.

I am wondering if the purse strings get cut, a new broom sweeps clean

I wouldn’t be surprised if this slow moving part of the DOE is going into the dumpster.