Nice Support Chat - Free

Nice Support Chat - Free

Good features, stable and takes messages when your not online.
If you sit around typing reports or surf the internet, you can set
it up on your desk top to monitor your website for any visitors
who need live support. It tells your visitor if you are online or

This is the best free one of it’s type that I have tried.

Good price = Free

There are a few of those but wonder about spyware.

There’s a few good ones out there. It’s probably better for inspectors to hook into an existing chat program though via meebo or plugoo so you can get it on your phone.

No spyware, it’s clean.
It is simple to send any email to phone.

I like Comm100 - it is very professional looking and stable. Easy to use
and sits on my desktop until someone wants to chat. Then it rings like
a phone when someone needs me.

Bottom right of

Help me understand.

I use the free one from google. It works very good.

Nick’s referring to the live chat he has on that page where you get to talk to him :slight_smile: